Gio Makyo’s AI art: Various001 (Prayers)


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Gio Makyo’s AI art: Various001 (Prayers)


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Various001 (Prayers) [4096 x4096 pixel]
AI painting by Gio Makyo

For your smartphone case, bag, or personal T-shirts design.

Gio Makyo is a musician, DJ, and music producer who had a significant influence on the development of Indian & Arabic-influenced electronica and ambient music. Despite suffering from hyperacusis and tinnitus in recent years, he continues to create new music sporadically.
He is also engaged in creating groundbreaking AI art in a style can be described as the visualization of the world that Gio Makyo has expressed through sound.

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Various001 (Prayers) [4096 x4096 pixel]
AI painting by Gio Makyo

Produced and copyrighted by Gio Makyo
Distributed by Kimiya Ltd.
Product code: SHPG027

This graphic artwork is the property of the artist. Modifying, reselling, and commercial use are forbidden;
it is intended for personal use only.
Anyone interested in licensing for commercial use should enquire with Kimiya Office.


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