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Privacy & Terms

Article 1 (General Provisions)

1-1. Scope of the Contract
This document represents the online contract and agreements entered into between Kimiya Ltd., the owner of the website “Kimiyacast,” and all users utilizing the said website. All provisions of this contract impose legal obligations on all users and must be adhered to.

*Note: In the following sections of this contract, the name “Kimiyacast,” which is the name of the website owned by Kimiya Ltd., is used instead of the name of Kimiya Ltd. However, it is hereby stated that the name “Kimiya Office” may also be used in certain cases.

1-2. Confirmation and Understanding of the Contract
As this contract specifies the mutual rights and obligations between Kimiyacast and all its users, we recommend that you carefully read all rules and conditions before using this website or registering as a member. Kimiyacast bears no responsibility for any issues arising from users not reading or paying attention to the contents of this contract.

1-3. Necessity of Compliance
If you cannot or do not wish to comply with the rules and conditions of Kimiyacast, unfortunately, you will not be able to use any services offered by Kimiyacast.

1-4. Interpretation of Contract Terms
In all terms and notes of this contract, Kimiyacast is only responsible for the obligations specifically stated in this contract. Kimiyacast bears no responsibility for any implicit interpretations or personal understandings that are not based on the terms of this contract.

Article 2 (Definition, Purpose, and Responsibilities of Kimiyacast)

2-1. Activities and Scope of Services of Kimiyacast
Kimiyacast is a website that provides online education and services, mainly focusing on the fields of humanities and social sciences, as well as studies on Japan and “the Medient.”

*Note: The term ‘Medient’ (Japanese: 中洋), said to have been coined by Hajime Kobayashi and Isamu Sugi before World War II, was inherited by Hisao Matsuda after the war and later redefined by Tadao Umesao in the 1970s. Geographically, it includes India, Central Asia, and the Middle East.
Kimiyacast actively conducts studies on Japan and these regions, hence the intentional use of the term “Medient”.

2-2. Purpose of Kimiyacast
The primary purpose of Kimiyacast is to make learning accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

2-3. Independence
Kimiyacast is not affiliated with any political, social, or religious institutions or organizations, nor does it promote or advocate any political, social, or religious ideologies. Therefore, such content on Kimiyacast is provided solely for academic and educational purposes.

2-4. Policies and Collaboration of Kimiyacast
The main policy of Kimiyacast is to select educational course themes and instructors based on user needs. However, those wishing to cooperate with Kimiyacast or provide courses or content can apply through the “Contact us” to the Kimiya Office. Kimiyacast will conduct the necessary review of these applications and notify applicants about the possibility of cooperation or provision.

*Note: For more information on collaboration with Kimiyacast, please refer here.

2-5. Provision of Free Content
Kimiyacast provides free educational and informative content and information through blogs and social media accounts, in addition to paid services and content, to enhance learning and improve services.

2-6. Sale of Products
In addition to providing paid services and content, Kimiyacast sells products related to its activities (such as movies, music, etc.) in the Shop.

2-7. Hosting Events and Seminars
Kimiyacast regularly hosts free or paid events and seminars.

2-8. Financial Base of Kimiyacast
The financial foundation of Kimiyacast is based on the sale of paid services, content, courses, and products to users.

2-9. Use of Currencies
At Kimiyacast, all services, content, courses, and products can be purchased in both yen and dollars.

*Note: Due to exchange rate fluctuations, there may be differences in prices between yen and dollars.

2-10. Content Standards
Kimiyacast does not publish any content that violates ethical and social norms or personal privacy (such as libel, racism, sexual exploitation and abuse, child abuse, copyright infringement, etc.).

2-11. Collection of Personal Information
Kimiyacast collects information such as names, email addresses, addresses, and telephone numbers from users for registration on the site, course applications, purchases in the Shop, and to provide better services.

2-12. Protection of Privacy
Kimiyacast deeply respects the privacy of its users and does not provide registered information to third parties.

*Note: Exceptions are made for legal requests from courts or administrative agencies, and when the user’s consent has been obtained for necessary business operations.

2-13. Regarding User Registration
Kimiyacast does not charge any fees for user registration. Fees are incurred only when users make purchases on the site.

2-14. Web Accessibility

Kimiyacast strives to ensure that all content is always accessible, but there may be temporary unavailability due to website modifications, updates, or other unavoidable reasons. In such situations, Kimiyacast bears no responsibility.

2-15. Legal Compliance

As mentioned in 1-1, Kimiya Ltd. is the owner of Kimiyacast. Kimiya Ltd. is a legally registered corporation in Japan and complies with Japanese laws.

Article 3 (User Obligations and Responsibilities)

3-1. Age Requirement for Using the Site
Currently, a minimum age of 18 is required to use Kimiyacast. Users under the age of 18 must register with Kimiyacast under the supervision of a parent or guardian to use the services and content of this site.

*Note: If it is discovered that a user under the age of 18 has registered for the site without meeting the above conditions, the account may be suspended without a refund.

3-2. Account Registration
All users must first register on the website and create a user account before using Kimiyacast’s paid services.

3-3. Management of Account Information
When registering on the website, each user must set a username and password. Since the registered username and password are part of personal information, users must not share these details with third parties.

*Note: Kimiyacast is not responsible for any damages incurred due to a user’s violation of this provision or negligence in sharing their username and password with a third party.

3-4. Prohibition of Account Transfer
Transferring a username and password to another person to use Kimiyacast’s paid services and content is strictly prohibited and violates Kimiyacast’s regulations. Therefore, if it is discovered that a user has provided this information to a third party, Kimiyacast has the right to suspend the account without a refund and may take legal action in such cases.

3-5. Obligation to Update Account Information
If a user inadvertently provides their username and password to someone else or forgets this information, they must change or re-register it on the Kimiyacast site as soon as possible.

*Note: The user is responsible for any damages resulting from ignoring this provision.

3-6. Providing Accurate Information
All users are obligated to provide their real name and accurate information at the time of registration. This is particularly important for refunds on purchases and in unforeseen circumstances.

*Note: Kimiyacast is not responsible for the registration of inaccurate or ambiguous information.*

3-7. Obligation to Update Information upon Changes
If there is a change in a user’s personal information (such as name, address, email address, telephone number, etc.), it must be updated on Kimiyacast’s website immediately.

*Note 1: The user is responsible for any damages resulting from failing to update their information.

*Note 2: When purchasing products on Kimiyacast’s site, user registration information is displayed along with the purchase list and prices. Users can also update their information on this screen.*

3-8. Acceptance of Cookies
When accessing Kimiyacast, users will be asked to accept cookies. Each user is free to accept or decline cookies.

*Note: Kimiyacast uses cookies to provide better service to users, but accepting cookies does not grant Kimiyacast the authority to infringe on users’ privacy by providing their personal information.

3-9. Prohibition of Providing Content
Users of Kimiyacast are prohibited from providing any part or all of the paid content they have purchased to third parties under any circumstances.

*Note: Partial use of content for educational or research purposes is possible with written permission from Kimiyacast.

3-10. Citation and Source Attribution
When citing Kimiyacast’s content in papers or articles, the source must always be clearly indicated. Citing without indicating the source is considered plagiarism, and Kimiyacast reserves the right to take legal action.

3-11. Cost of Educational Tools
Kimiyacast is a provider of educational services and content, and the user is responsible for the cost of educational tools, such as textbooks, required for their use.

3-12. Responsibility for Necessary Equipment
Users are responsible for the cost and preparation of all equipment and software (such as Zoom or audio and video playback software) necessary to use Kimiyacast’s services and content.

3-13. Mutual Respect
The relationship between Kimiyacast and its users is based on mutual trust and respect. Therefore, users are prohibited from misusing Kimiyacast’s content for any unauthorized or illegal activities, defaming instructors, or spreading false information on other websites, blogs, or social media platforms.

*Note: If a violation of this provision is discovered, Kimiyacast reserves the right to take legal action.

3-14. Reporting Problems
If there are errors, falsehoods, defamation, or other concerns regarding the behavior of Kimiyacast’s instructors or content, please contact the Kimiya Office first and foremost to report the issue.

3-15. Contact with Instructors
If a user contacts an instructor or other user in violation of Kimiyacast’s regulations and suffers or causes any damage or loss, the responsibility lies entirely with the user who violated the regulations, and Kimiyacast is not responsible.

3-16. Personal Information of Instructors and Other Users
Users cannot obtain personal information of instructors or other users through the Kimiyacast website.

3-17. Prohibition of Illegal Downloads
Automatic data collection and illegal downloads from the Kimiyacast site are prohibited.

3-18. Liability for Damage to Devices
Kimiyacast is not responsible for any indirect or incidental special damages to users’ devices (such as computers or mobile phones), internet connections, etc., that may occur during the use of Kimiyacast.

3-19. Contact in Case of Issues
If there are any issues with accessing a user account on Kimiyacast or with specific parts of the site, please contact the Kimiya Office through the Contact Us.

3-20. Account History Review
Users can review the history of their account on the Kimiyacast site.

3-21. Promotion of Services
Kimiyacast encourages users to introduce Kimiyacast’s services and content to others.

Article 4 (Authority of Kimiyacast)

4-1. Modification of the Contract
Kimiyacast reserves the right to change the rules and provisions of this contract at any time, in line with its policies and objectives. However, Kimiyacast is obligated to notify users of any changes through its website.

4-2. Suspension of User Accounts
Kimiyacast has the right to suspend a user’s account without a refund if it determines that the user has violated the provisions of this contract.

4-3. Deletion of Content
Kimiyacast reserves the right to delete courses, articles, products, photographs, etc., according to the situation, policy, or specific circumstances. While the reason for deletion will be explained to users as far as possible, it is not mandatory.

4-4. Changes in Pricing
Kimiyacast has the authority to change the prices of its paid services and content, based on any reason deemed necessary.

*Note: If a user has already purchased paid services or content through normal methods or discount campaigns before a price increase, they are not required to pay any additional fees. However, for new purchases of paid services or content, the transaction must be conducted based on the new pricing.

4-5. Implementation of Discount Campaigns
Kimiyacast may conduct limited-time discount campaigns during specific periods.

4-6. Offering of Special Discounts
Kimiyacast may offer special discounts to specific users or multiple users to enhance services or promote learning. In such cases, discount coupons or codes will be sent to the eligible users.

Article 5 (Regarding Intellectual Property Rights)

5-1. Use of Paid Services and Content
When a user purchases paid services or content from Kimiyacast, they are granted permission to use them in accordance with the conditions set forth in this contract but do not acquire ownership of them.

5-2. Provisions Concerning Copyright and Ownership
The copyright and ownership of all services and content offered or sold on Kimiyacast belong to Kimiyacast and/or related instructors, business partners, other collaborators.

*Note: Exceptionally, content and materials published elsewhere than Kimiyacast and permitted by specific individuals or organizations may be provided or sold on Kimiyacast’s site. In such cases, information about copyright, ownership, and the method of use will be provided separately along with the content or materials.

5-3. Provisions Regarding the Use of Trademarks, Logos, and Designs
All trademarks, logos, images, and the design and structure of the Kimiyacast website are owned by Kimiyacast, its business partners, or collaborators, except where special permission has been granted or the source is clearly indicated. Therefore, the use of these without the official permission of Kimiyacast is not allowed in any case.

*Note: This provision is intended to ensure that users respect the Kimiyacast brand and intellectual property and do not use them without authorization. If you wish to use Kimiyacast’s trademarks or logos, please obtain permission from Kimiyacast in advance. Unauthorized use may lead to legal action, so please be cautious.

Article 6 (About Purchasing and Payment Regulations)

6-1. Purchase Process
All paid services, content, courses, and products offered by Kimiyacast can be purchased by adding them to the cart and completing the final confirmation on the website.

*Note: The application process for free services (e.g., free events) follows the same procedure, and no payment is made.

6-2. Payment Methods
Payment for all paid services, content, courses, and products offered by Kimiyacast can be made via credit card or bank transfer.

*Note: If you choose to pay in dollars, please use a card other than JCB.

6-3. Credit Card Payment
Payments by credit card are made using the secure and reliable payment system of Stripe. For more details about Stripe, please click here.

6-4. Bank Transfer
If bank transfer is selected, transfer information will be provided at the time of order confirmation. Users must make the payment within 7 days after placing the order. Once the payment is confirmed, access to the ordered services and products will be granted.

6-5. Bank Transfer Fees
When choosing bank transfer, the user bears the cost of the bank fees.

6-6. Currency and Price Fluctuations
Payments can be made in yen or dollars, but fluctuations in currency may cause differences in prices between yen and dollars (refer to Article 2-9 for details).

6-7. Sales at Events
When Kimiyacast sells products at events or seminars not held online, payments in cash or via PayPay are also accepted on site.

6-8. Consumption Tax
All paid services, content, courses, and products offered by Kimiyacast include a 10% consumption tax based on Japanese law.

*Note: Currently, there are no special rules or conditions for countries that do not pay value-added tax at Kimiyacast. Therefore, all prices are set and presented based on this article.

Article 7 (About Communication Regulations)

7-1. Contact Language
Currently, inquiries to Kimiyacast are accepted in Japanese or English via the Contact Us page.

7-2. Unacceptable Contents for Communication
Kimiyacast will not respond to irrelevant, insulting content, messages containing advertisements, spam, or questions requesting personal information. Your understanding and cooperation are appreciated.

7-3. Notes Regarding Email Reception
Kimiyacast is not responsible if the user does not notice a response email from Kimiyacast that has ended up in the spam folder or other subfolders. If you feel that the response from Kimiyacast is delayed after contacting them, please check your spam folder and other subfolders.

Article 8 (Regulations for On-Demand Courses, Payment, and Cancellation Policy)

8-1. On-Demand Course Content
On-demand courses offered by Kimiyacast include audio, video, and text materials, allowing users to learn at their own pace and schedule. These courses are lecture-style and do not include direct communication between instructors and students.

8-2. Method for Questions or Consultations
Although direct inquiries to instructors are not possible, users can send questions or messages to the Kimiya Office through Contact Us if they have important questions or consultations. The office will coordinate with the instructors and contact the user after receiving a response from the instructor.

*Note: Kimiyacast reserves the right to refrain from contacting the instructor if it deems the question or consultation to be not significant.

8-3. Course Availability Period
Once you’ve completed your payment, click “My Account” to log in. You can access the audio and PDF files from the “My Courses” page.
All on-demand courses are available for 3 years after being made available. However, popular courses, or those Kimiyacast deems useful, may be extended.

*Note: The re-offering of courses after the end of the publication period will not be conducted, except for special research purposes or exceptions. The decision for re-offering lies entirely with Kimiyacast.

8-4. Handling Content and Materials Published Elsewhere
As explained in the note to Article 5-2, Kimiyacast may provide or sell content and materials published outside of Kimiyacast on its site with permission from specific individuals or organizations. The storage period for these complies with the conditions of Article 8-3.

8-5. Offered Languages
Currently, Kimiyacast’s on-demand courses are offered in English and Japanese.

8-6. Fair Pricing
The prices of each on-demand course at Kimiyacast vary, but the company strives to set fair prices so that all interested users can access them.

8-7. Discount Campaigns
Kimiyacast conducts limited-time discount campaigns for on-demand courses to provide better service and fair pricing. The discount conditions and rates for each campaign will be announced at the time of the campaign.

8-8. Conditions for Cancellation and Refund
Cancellation and refund of Kimiyacast’s on-demand courses are only possible under the following four conditions:

   1. The cancellation request is made within 48 hours of purchase.

   2. At the time of the cancellation request, it is verified that the user has not used more than 30% of the course.

   3. The user has not used any files of the course after the cancellation request.

   4. The reason for the user’s cancellation request is logical and justified (e.g., the course content is different from what was advertised, the audio quality is too poor to understand, etc.).

*Note: The judgment of the cancellation request reason lies entirely with Kimiyacast.

8-9. Refund Process
After receiving the cancellation request, Kimiyacast will contact the user via email within 10 business days. If the user’s request meets the four conditions of Article 8-8, the refund and the process of stopping access to the cancelled course will be conducted within 10 days.

8-10. Refund Method
After the cancellation conditions are approved by Kimiyacast, the refund will be made through Stripe’s payment gateway or bank transfer.

*Note 1: For refunds via bank transfer, filling out the relevant form and providing a copy of the bank passbook are required. In some cases, you may also be required to submit a copy of your identification document.

*Note 2: All costs associated with the refund (e.g., bank fees) will be borne by Kimiyacast.

8-11. Prevention of Misuse of Cancellation and Refund
Kimiyacast reserves the right to suspend users’ accounts without a refund if they misuse the cancellation and refund conditions.

8-12. Responsibilities in the Event of Business Closure
If Kimiyacast is forced to close its business for any reason and cannot continue, it is not responsible for maintaining the content until the expiration of courses or for refunding purchased courses.

*Note: In the event of an inevitable closure of Kimiyacast, the company is obligated to announce it on the website one month before closure.

8-13. Responsibility for Course Content
As stated in Article 2-4, Kimiyacast supervises the content of each course. However, as Kimiyacast does not have expertise in all fields and areas, it relies on the knowledge of the instructors for course content. Therefore, the responsibility for the content of the course lies with the instructor.

Article 9 (Regulations for Live Courses, Payment, and Cancellation Policy)

9-1. Course Format
Live courses at Kimiyacast include sessions conducted between instructors and users on predetermined dates and times through a web conferencing service (Google Meet, Zoom, and etc.). In these classes, students engage in direct communication with instructors to learn about usage and practice.

9-2. Types of Courses
Live courses at Kimiyacast are offered in group or private formats.

9-3. Number of Classes and Catalogue
The number of classes for live courses varies by course. Please refer to the catalogue for each course for details.

9-4. Class Schedule
Group live classes are not held on Sundays or public holidays, but private classes can be held upon agreement between the instructor and the learner.

9-5. Response to Absence
Currently, Kimiyacast does not provide special support or services for absences in group live courses. Therefore, the responsibility for any missed classes falls on the absent student.

9-6. Rescheduling of Private Classes
Students in private classes can reschedule up to 3 times. However, if rescheduled more than 3 times, the missed classes will be considered canceled.

*Note: If a Kimiyacast instructor needs to change the class date and time for some reason, these changed classes will not be canceled.

9-7. Minimum Number of Participants for Course Commencement
A minimum number of participants is set for the commencement of group live courses. Therefore, if the minimum number is not reached, the course may not be held.

9-8. Timing of Tuition Payment
For group live courses, Kimiyacast does not collect fees from applicants until the minimum number of participants is confirmed and the course is set to commence. Therefore, the checkout price in the cart is displayed as ‘0’ at the time of application. After the application period for each course ends, Kimiyacast will notify applicants of the course’s viability.

*Note 1: If the course is to be held, Kimiyacast will send payment information to the applicant’s email.

*Note 2: For private classes where you can choose the number of sessions, the procedure is the same. After you apply, we will notify you of the tuition fees by email.

9-9. Application Deadline and Payment Timing
Application Deadline: Generally, 7 to 10 days before the course begins (*varies by class)
Payment Timing: Payment should be made after the application deadline and before the start date of the classes.

9-10. Pricing
The tuition prices for each live course at Kimiyacast vary, but the company strives to set appropriate prices for each live course and service.

9-11. Application of Discounts
Kimiyacast may apply various discounts to live courses and services to provide better service and fair pricing. Details of discounts are provided in the catalogue for each course.

9-12. Cancellation and Refund
Cancellation of a live course after application is possible but refunds are only issued under the following conditions:

  1. Full refund of tuition before the start of the course and a refund of the amount corresponding to the number of classes conducted after the start of the course, in cases where the course is necessarily canceled due to natural disasters, epidemics, or other unforeseeable acts of god. In such cases, Kimiyacast bears the refund fees.
  2. If a participant becomes unable to attend the registered course due to accidents, illness, job relocation, etc., a full or partial refund minus a 3,000 yen handling fee is issued upon submission of a doctor’s certificate or proof of relocation.

*Note 1: Under condition ②, Kimiyacast accepts this only if the participant formally submits a cancellation request to the Kimiya Office via Contact Us form and provides the necessary documents.

*Note 2: Tuition refund calculations are made from the date of receiving the cancellation request.

*Note 3: Cancellation requests are not accepted if less than one-third of the course sessions remain.

*Note 4: The decision for tuition refund lies entirely with Kimiyacast.

*Note 5: Course materials are sold separately and are not refundable upon course cancellation, except under “Reason 1“ before the course starts, where material returns can be discussed with Kimiyacast.

9-13. Method of Refund
If the cancellation conditions are approved by Kimiyacast, refunds are made through Stripe’s payment gateway or bank transfer.

*Note 1: For refunds via bank transfer, filling out the relevant form and providing a copy of the bank passbook are required. In some cases, you may also be required to submit a copy of your identification document.

9-14. Measures in the Event of Business Closure
Even if Kimiyacast is forced to close its business for any reason, live course classes will continue until the scheduled end date.

*Note: In the event of an inevitable closure of Kimiyacast, the closure will be announced on the website one month in advance and learners of each course will be notified.

9-15. Code of Conduct for Course Participants
Course participants should adhere to the following:

  1. Participants must not request teaching or classes outside of Kimiyacast from instructors during classes.
  2. Drinking alcohol during classes is prohibited.
  3. Participants must have their computer’s camera on during classes and show their face on the screen.

9-16. Responsibility for Course Content
As stated in Article 2-4, Kimiyacast supervises the content of each course. However, as Kimiyacast does not have expertise in all fields and areas, it relies on the knowledge of the instructors for course content. Therefore, the responsibility for the content of the course lies with the instructor.

Article 10 (Regulations Regarding Purchases at the Shop, Payment, and Cancellation Policy)

10-1. Shop Overview
The Kimiyacast Shop sells various cultural and educational-related products in line with the policies and objectives of Kimiyacast.

10-2. Product Categories
Products sold in Shop are mainly categorized into four types: books, movies and videos, graphics, and music.

10-3. Product Formats
All products in the Shop are offered in two formats: Soft products and Hard products.

*Note 1: Soft products refer to products available only online (not downloadable, only accessible on the Kimiyacast site) and downloadable products (usable on devices like computers and mobiles).
Once you’ve completed your payment, click “My Account” to log in. Then, you can access your materials from the page.

*Note 2: Hard products refer to physical products that Kimiyacast ships to customers.

10-4. Type of Products
Only new products are sold on the Kimiyacast site.

10-5. Products from Other Companies
The Kimiyacast Shop may sell products from companies contracted with Kimiyacast (hereafter referred to as contracted companies). In this case, the contracted companies handle the shipping of Hard products.

*Note 1: The origin of shipment for hard goods is indicated in its description.

*Note 2: Since contracted companies’ products are sold through the Kimiyacast site, Kimiyacast acts as the guarantor of service to users.

10-6. Shipping Fees
The postage for products shipped from Kimiyacast is 350 yen within Japan, and 3,500 yen for destinations outside of Japan.

*Note 1: The shipping cost for items dispatched from Kimiyacast is fixed and independent of the quantity purchased. However, products shipped from contracted companies may have varying shipping costs.

*Note 2: For payments in dollars, the fee may vary due to exchange rate fluctuations.

10-7. Shipping Period for Products
The Kimiya Office ships Hard products purchased within Japan within 3 business days and within 4 business days for international orders.

*Note: Products shipped from Kimiyacast and contracted companies may take longer.

10-8. Utilization of Delivery Services
Kimiyacast uses different delivery services depending on the price, size, and weight of the products.

*Note 1: Currently, Kimiyacast utilizes various delivery services, including Japan Post and Yamato Transport.

*Note 2: The Kimiya Office will notify users of the type of delivery service used when shipping products.

*Note 3: Shipments from contracted companies are conducted through their respective delivery services.

10-9. Cancellation Policy for Soft products
Cancellation of Soft products after purchase is generally not allowed. Therefore, please read the product description carefully before purchasing.

*Note 1: Cancellation is limited to cases of Kimiyacast’s fault (e.g., poor audio quality, problematic image data, etc.).

*Note 2: The judgment of quality issues in Soft products lies with Kimiyacast.

*Note 3: Kimiyacast is not responsible for incompatibility due to customer-side hardware or software issues.

10-10. Response to Issues with Soft products
If there are problems with online viewing or downloading Soft products, please contact the Kimiya Office via the Contact Us.

10-11. Cancellation Policy for Hard products
Cancellation of Hard products is refundable only under the following conditions:

   1. If the cancellation request is made before the product is shipped, the full purchase cost will be refunded.

      *Note: The customer bears any refund fees (e.g., bank transfer fees).

   2. If the user requests cancellation after the product is shipped, the user bears the shipping cost and all fees related to the refund and product return.

      *Note: The refund is processed after the Kimiya Office receives and inspects the returned product.

   3. In case of defects due to Kimiyacast’s fault, the customer must contact Kimiyacast within 72 hours of product arrival and report the issue. Kimiyacast bears all costs (round-trip shipping fees and handling charges).

      *Note 1: Cancellation requests after 72 hours of product arrival are not accepted.

      *Note 2: The refund is processed after the Kimiya Office receives and inspects the returned product.

10-12. Quality Inspection and Judgment of Refunds
Quality inspection of returned products and decisions regarding refunds are at the discretion of Kimiyacast.

10-13. Method of Refund
If the cancellation conditions are approved by Kimiyacast, refunds are made through Stripe’s payment gateway or bank transfer.

*Note: For refunds via bank transfer, filling out the relevant form and providing a copy of the bank passbook are required. In some cases, you may also be required to submit a copy of your identification document.

10-14. Policy on Returning Products
Kimiyacast may refund the user’s purchase cost based on its policy but may request that the user not return the already received products. Therefore, do not return the purchased products until you receive communication or a response from Kimiyacast.

*Note: If you return the product without confirming with Kimiyacast, you will not be reimbursed for the shipping cost.

10-15. Method for Returning Products
Follow the shipping method specified by Kimiyacast for returning products. If you ship using a method other than the one specified by Kimiyacast, any excess costs beyond Kimiyacast’s specified shipping method will not be refunded.

10-16. Purchases as Gifts
If you wish to send Hard products to someone other than the purchaser, please write the recipient’s details in “Send to another address” before finalizing the payment.

10-17. Requests for Packaging
If you do not want an invoice or receipt included in the packaging of Hard products, please state this request in the remarks section when making the purchase.

Article 11 (Regulations for Events and Seminars, Payment, and Cancellation Policy)

11-1. Hosting of Events and Seminars
Kimiyacast organizes free or paid events and seminars in line with its policies and objectives.

11-2. Implementation Format
Events and seminars at Kimiyacast are conducted either online or in a physical format.

11-3. Free Events and Seminars
Participation in free events and seminars is without charge, but if products are offered during the event or seminar, their purchase costs are billed separately.

11-4. Paid Events and Seminars
Even at paid events and seminars, if supplementary products are offered, their purchase costs are billed separately.

11-5. Cancellation Policy
Cancellations for paid events and seminars are possible, but the participation fee is generally non-refundable.

11-6. Cancellation by Kimiyacast
If a paid event or seminar is unavoidably canceled by Kimiyacast due to unforeseen reasons, the registration fee will be fully refunded.

*Note: In this case, all related fees, including bank charges, will be borne by Kimiyacast.

11-7. Notification of Cancellation
In the event of an unforeseen and unavoidable cancellation of an event or seminar by Kimiyacast, users will be notified via email.

Article 12 (About Support and Cooperation for Kimiyacast)

12-1. Request for Support
Kimiyacast is a startup company, and providing constructive services to users and achieving our goals requires a long-term process. To maintain its independence, Kimiyacast does not accept financial support or assistance from government agencies, political or religious organizations, or professional investors for startups. We hope for and welcome support from our users based on their free will.
For supporting Kimiyacast, please click here.

12-2. Use of Donations
Donations from users will be allocated to the production costs of content aligned with Kimiyacast’s objectives and policies.

12-3. Acknowledgments
Kimiyacast expresses its gratitude to users who provide support by offering discount coupons for all services or through other means of appreciation.

12-4. Notification of Termination of Support
If Kimiyacast no longer requires financial support from users, this will be announced on the website.

Thank you for your support.

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