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At Kimiyacast, we deeply believe that what promotes growth and progress in society is always education, skill acquisition, and the understanding and recognition of other cultures. For this reason, at Kimiyacast, we strive to provide constructive educational content, not only to meet educational needs but also to bring about positive change in people and society. Therefore, we will endeavor to create an environment in collaboration with you, where each of us can learn, grow, and flourish.
Bahman Zakipur
CEO | Resume
Kimiya's Profile
NameKimiya Ltd.
FoundedSeptember, 2018
CapitalJPY 5,000,000
HeadquarterCEO: Bahman Zakipour
Location〒299-3241 Chiba-ken, Oamishirasato-shi, Kiminomori-Minami 2-1-8
Telephone number+81-80-3553-1921
IndustryOnline education, sales of cultural products
LicenseSecondhand dealer license number: Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission  306692007641
*Kimiya Ltd. is not affiliated with any religious or political organization.
Kimiya's Story

In 2018, we founded Kimiya Ltd. with the goal of aiding in cultural advancement. However, as soon as we started the business, we realized that understanding all cultures, and their relationships and development in human civilization, require education. As a first step, we strove to meet the needs of Japanese enthusiasts of Persian language and culture by providing structured online Persian language courses.

Teaching Persian helped us understand that despite the relatively long history between Japan and Persia, the wider study of Japan and the Medient still harbors many unexplored aspects. Moreover, since language is inherently tied to culture and human societies, we recognized that merely learning a language isn’t enough to effectively understand other cultures and societies. Therefore, we felt the need to address the various aspects of a culture alongside language instruction. Naturally, exploring the different dimensions of a culture falls under humanities and social sciences. From this realization, the idea of establishing Kimiyacast gradually took shape in our minds by mid-April 2023. We are very hopeful that with the support of our users, we can provide simple, accessible, and innovative educational content, making a modest contribution to fulfilling needs in the fields of Japanese and the Medient studies.

The term ‘Medient’ (Japanese: 中洋), said to have been coined by Hajime Kobayashi and Isamu Sugi before World War II, was taken up by Hisao Matsuda after the war and later redefined by Tadao Umesao in the 1970s. Geographically, it includes India, Central Asia, and the Middle East.
Kimiyacast actively conducts studies in Japan and these regions, hence the intentional use of the term “Medient”.

Company founded as Genza Ltd.
  • Event "Happy Persian Gallery" (@Geppaku-tei, Tokyo)
  • Gallery "Persian Style" (@Gallery Tonellico, Kanazawa)
  • NHK / BS1 Special, "A documentary of Toshihiko Izutsu" (Advice on production, Japanese subtitle translation)
  • Event "Sounds of Khayyam" (@Kolbe, Tokyo)
  • Gallery "Persian Bazaar" (@Gallery Tonellico, Kanazawa)
  • NHK1 "This World is Filled with Wants: Love Persia - The source of beauty" (Local shooting coordination, Japanese subtitle translation)
  • Started sales of books and imported DVDs and CDs
  • Started 1st term Persian Language Course under the license of "Dehkhoda Lexicon Institute & International Center for Persian Studies", affiliated with the University of Tehran.
  • Gallery "Persian Bazaar" (@Gallery Tonellico, Kanazawa)
  • Persian Language course (2nd term)
  • Co-sponsored event "Silk Road Music Journey - Encounter between Japanese and Persian Music" (@Stage 333 in Tokyo Tower) (July 4)
  • Changed company name to "Kimiya Ltd."
  • Persian language course (3rd term)
  • Persian language course (4th term)
  • TV Tokyo "Tokoro de Nanjakorya!?"
    (Advice on production, Local shooting coordination, Japanese subtitle translation)
  • Persian language course (5th term)
  • Persian language course (6th and 7th term)
  • Kurdish language course (1st term)
  • Started Kimiyacast project
  • Opening Kimiyacast
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